50 While 50 Doing it Our Way

50 While 50 Doing it Our Way


As a self professed adrenaline junkie I have discovered the amazing fun that can be had by getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new and challenging. I also turned 50 late last summer, and am thus, feeling a bit of an added incentive to get going and make up lost time in my quest to forge new and exciting adventures. Now since I have not won the lottery this will take a little creative energy to fit it all into a budget but since it is early in the game I am temporarily full of confidence!

My husband and I also recently celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary and as the years roll by I get a kick out of reflecting how we each approach life in similar and yet very different manners. My husband is inclined to set really big, really ambitious, hit it out of the park home-run kind of goals. He believes in the “go big or go home” mentality. To him, anything less than a blow your mind, balls to the walls, kind of goal just isn’t worth the energy. For example, years ago he came to me one day out of the blue and announced he was going to compete in an Ironman Competition. I blinked a couple of times.

“Really?” was all I could conjure up for a reply. “You mean that crazy long triathlon thing they do in Hawaii?” I said as I frowned at him.

“Yes” he came back confidently.

“hmmm” I thought. Secretly, I thought he was nuts and this was never going to happen but I tried rather lamely to be the supportive wife.

“ok, don’t you need to work up to that, you know, do some short races?” I limply offered.

“hell no, I don’t want to do those short events. I want to do an Ironman. I am going to start training today for an Ironman.” he replied.

He did just that and has now completed 7 full distance Ironman Competitions. Granted it took him close to a year to train for it and he’s done the competitions over the past 7 years but he did it!

That was that. He was doing it his way. Go big or go home. To him it was simple and clear, if you want to do an Ironman, than do an Ironman, the rest of that stuff was just fluff. This is how he approaches life and while I agree it was ambitious and impressive, I am not to be outdone. In true Dan and Jackie fashion, we are each doing it our way, together. He prefers training hard for one massive, impressive, balls to the walls adventure marathon, I apparently don’t have the attention span of a hummingbird, so I came up with my own list of 50 different bucket list adventures and I plan to complete each and every one while I enjoy my 50’s!


What’s Next on My List:

Meet someone famous
Visit Manitou Springs Cliff Dwellings
Attend Sunrise Easter Service at The Royal Gorge
Visit the Hot Springs at Ouray
Sit on the porch and watch the sunset over the mountains
Hike Paint Mines
Drive around with the top off my Jeep
Hike the Incline with my son
Explore 4 wheel drive trails in Colorado in our Jeep
Climb Montezuma’s Tower in Garden of the Gods
Read six books a year just for fun
Tour a gold mine in the Rocky Mountains and pan for gold
Sleep out under the stars in Moab
Rock climb and Rappel in Utah with my sister
Hang out by the campfire
Operate a chain saw
Mountain bike the entire Katy Trail
Learn to Kayak
Do a Missouri river float trip
Tour the vineyards in Missouri
Do a Canopy Tree Climb
Explore a cave
Ride the rapids down the Grand Canyon
Fly Fish
Milk a cow
White Water Rafting Down the Royal Gorge
Visit The Abbey Vineyard in Canyon City Colorado
Get published
Hike Seven Falls at night under the lights
Try Zumba Dancing
Take a Concealed Weapon Course
Go 4 Wheeling in Great Sand Dune National Park
Take my daughter to a drive in movie theater
Mountain Bike Gold Camp Road and Canyon
Do a 2-minute plank
Do 50 sit-ups in 1 minute
Do 20 REAL pushups (on my toes)
Do 1 one-arm pushups (yes one arm)
Hike a another 14ner
Inspire someone
learn to sail
whale watching trip
Go to Hawaii
Take our friends to a Red Rocks Concert
Wrestle a gator at the alligator farm
Drive a race car or at least get a ride in one
Have a roller derby girl experience
Tour Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame
4 wheel drive Lost Dollar Highway from Telluride to Ourey
Rappel off an Arch in Arches National Park in Utah
Attend a mountain bike workshop for women
Mountain bike down Pikes Peak
Go to Alaska
Renew my spirit
Learn about photography
write a book
watch my kids become adults
Take a yoga class
Learn to make homemade pie crust
Ice Climb Chicks with Picks in Ouray
Write a blog about all of these adventures


I added a couple extra just for good measure and to honor the spirit of this project, besides you never know what else will come along that I just have to try!
I am looking forward to a few big years ahead of me and all the trouble I can possibly get into along the way.


So my friend, what’s next on your list?

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