Bucket List

Now that I opened my big mouth and started all this bucket list, adventure seeking, blog writing stuff I have to make good on it. This requires some organization and thought. Deciding to cast all my inhibitions and fears aside and dive into the water so to speak requires a sink or swim kind of mentality.

At first when I started posting these blogs I did it because blogging was an item on my bucket list. Early one morning I sat at my computer and ventured into the great unknown of blogging. What was it really? How does it work? Is it scary? Busy at my research I found this site, wordpress.com and followed their simple steps to setting up a blog. Initially, I just wanted a place to journal my thoughts so to speak. I bravely cut and pasted my bucket list and hit publish.

Panic set in.

“OMG who can read this? Is it safe? Are there nut cases out there waiting to prey on a naïve, middle-aged women just trying to get some stuff out so to speak!” I freaked out.

Feeling the panic rush over me I did more quick research and figured out how to delete a post and set up my profile so that no one can follow my posts. Feeling safe again, my thoughts locked up in my own secret world I kept posting.

Darn, more emotions rushed over me. This secret journal stuff doesn’t feel quite right either. Isn’t keeping it all secret kind of defeating the concept of having a blog and getting out of one’s comfort zone? How can I have a secret blog about a bucket list and be too afraid to actually post the bucket list? Especially when no one but me can even read it? Enough. Enough. Enough.

Here is my bucket list world:

Bucket List Still To Do:

Sleep in a castle

Climb to the top of a volcano in Hawaii

Visit the 7 wonders of the world

Visit Old Quebec City

Visit the underground city of Montreal

Visit Ellis Island

Visit the Statue of Liberty

Tour New York City with a native

Ride a helicopter over Hawaii

Hike the Grand Canyon

Swim in the Dead Sea

Visit the Vatican

Tour Israel with a priest

Stay in a beach house on the beach

Take a cruise

Scuba dive to a shipwreck

Go sailing on a Barefoot Cruise

Visit a rain forest in Costa Rica

Learn to surf in Hawaii

Visit New Zealand

Tour Europe

Live in NYC for a month

Go to the Swiss Alps

Live in Hawaii for a month

Eat French food in Paris

Spend a summer at a lake home

Spend a month in Italy wine country

Hang out in an Irish pub and sing songs

Revisit the Sidetrack Bar and watch a Husker game

Stay at a cool Bed and Breakfast in New England

Go ice fishing

Go clam digging

Do deep-sea fishing

Ride on a yacht

Go to a spa for a week

Swim with the dolphins

Visit Pearl Harbor

Visit Panama Canal

Catch lightening bugs

Watch a concert at Red Rocks

Learn a recipe from Aunt Iola

Talk to Aunt Iola about being a strong woman

Go to a girls cousins retreat weekend

Go to an Iowa State Football game

Go to a CSU football game

Travel somewhere exotic

Do an adventure tour of Costa Rica

Travel the world

Travel the USA in a motor home

Ride the Silverton Railroad in the fall in Colorado

Take a wine tour of Italy

Visit the Smithsonian Museum

Visit a historical plantation

Visit the Everglades

Go to Marti Gras

Watch a National Championship game in person

Stay in a lodge in Alaska that you can only get to by plane

Visit a dude ranch

Visit the beach in North Carolina where the wild horses run

Visit the Great Wall of China

Travel a distance on a train

Visit Ireland, Scotland, Italy and Greece

Learn to snowboard

Learn to snowshoe

Take a flying lesson

Learn about good wines

Learn to paint

Learn to play the guitar

Learn to mediate

Learn to knit/crochet

Learn to make stained glass

Learn to cook

Learn a foreign language

Write a book

Get an article published

Have a cool barn

Read 30 minutes a day for a year

Attend my child’s college graduation

Attend my child’s wedding

Write a book of family recipes

Ride in a hot air balloon

Get 100% debt free

Build a business with my husband

Be financially independent

Live on a vineyard

Attend a Dali Lama speech

Found a nonprofit organization to help others

Build a Habit for Humanity home

Build a cabin in the woods with my husband

Do a sprint distance triathlon

Do a 3 day Susan B Komen walk and raise money for charity

Meet someone famous

Become a master gardener

Take a photography course

Flip a house

Master the art of making cinnamon rolls

Create a yard worthy of Better Homes and Gardens

Learn to act within my sphere of influence and stop worrying about all the things not within my control

Earn a PhD

Take 4 classes in subjects that interest me but are not for a degree

Volunteer at a soup kitchen

Raise money for a charity

Donate blood

Donate books to a children’s hospital

Donate Kleenex to Children’s hospital

Take $1000 and invest it all by myself –track it and try to make it grow

Learn to use Power tools

Take a self Defense class

Learn to take a compliment

Take a class on assertiveness

Take a class on negotiating

Take a self-improvement retreat

Learn to set clear boundaries

Vacation at Martha’s Vineyard

Create a website

Find my life’s passion

Go kayaking

Earn a Black Belt in Taekwondo

Learn to say hello in 50 languages

Learn about Grandma’s country and language

Visit wreckage of Titanic in a submarine

Watch 10 of the Greatest American movies of all time (Citizen Kane, Casablanca, The Godfather, Gone with the Wind, Lawrence of Arabia, The Wizard of Oz, The Graduate, On the Waterfront, Shindlers List, Singing in the Rain)

Discover what makes me happy

Become an early riser

Keep a journal for a year

Kick a negative habit

Write a letter to everyone I love

Name a star for my husband and three kids

Listen to someone tell their war story

Bet on a long shot at a horse race

Send a note in a bottle

Eat every flavor of ice cream

Visit San Diego Zoo

Go Whale watching

Visit the Henry Dorly Zoo

Drive a race car

Milk a cow

Ride a camel

Mush a dog sled

Watch turtles hatch and run for the ocean

Have a wrap around porch that faces west and a porch swing

Be ridiculous

Meet the Pope

Heal my past

Learn to live in the now

Learn to let go of my kids

Learn yoga

Have my palms

See something in Carnegie Hall

Go Do to Daytona 500

Go to Winter Olympics

Take 365 Day Challenge (journal, workout, be good to myself, read for 30 minutes)

climb a 14er

learn to wake board

learn to wake surf



mountain bike

break a board in taekwondo

Go rock climbing

Go indoor skydiving

Go on an Outward Bound Adventure

Go snowmobiling

Go Gliding

Go up in a helicopter

Teach my children something they don’t know about me

Go ice climbing

Go snow skiing

Learn to ice skate

Go rollerskating

Learn to rollerblade

Give money to someone who really needs it

Help a stranger

Inspire others

Reconnect with past friends

Make a difference in the world

Travel on a big ship

Learn to make gravy

Surprise my kids

Travel Route 66

Eat at an old fashioned diner

Clean a chicken

Learn to make Roast duck

Take a gun safety class

Take a concealed weapon class

Zip line

Learn to sew something

Make gifts for people for Christmas one year

Go on a girls weekend and act crazy

Shadow a surgeon

Learn to shoot a bow and arrow

Go hunting with a bow and arrow

Shoot sporting clays

Change a flat tire

Explore the mountains on the Ranger

Face my fears

Learn to play an instrument

Now just to be thorough here is the other half, my Bucket List Already Done:

Fall in love
Have a baby
Be stronger than I thought I was
Experience an angel
Start a business
Ride an Olympic luge run
Water ski
Snow ski
Wake surf
Be a Godmother
Hear a mass said by the pope
Walk along a beach at sunrise
Snorkel a reef
Ride a dune buggy on the beach
Drive Highway 1 coastal drive in California
Go to Disneyworld with my family
Help someone deal with a crisis “be there”
Watch your child sing in a pro baseball stadium
Watch a pro football game
Watch a pro baseball game
Watch a pro hockey game
Run a half marathon
Drive a Corvette convertible with the top off
Drive a Jeep, Jaguar, Corvette and Camero
Fall in love with my husband again and again and again
See the Grand Canyon
See Niagra Falls
Take a big trip on my own
Go way outside my comfort zone
Raise a wonderful child to an amazing adult times three (number three is still a work in progress!)
Earn a college degree
Earn a graduate college degree
Help a child make a difference
Help my husband pursue a dream
Build something
Design clothing
Go camping in the mountains
See NYC by plane, train, taxi, subway, bus and boat
See NYC Broadway play
Help a friend start a business
Learn computers
Teach a class
Volunteer of the Year
Be someone’s angel
Hike to the top of a mountain
Ride a Harley Davidson in the mountains
Drive a motorcycle
Wear a red string bikini
Dock a boat
Back a boat trailer
Drive over the mountains in Colorado
Attend an Ironman
Host Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter for large family gathering
Start a tradition (cookie making)
Tour USA in a car (Missing Georgia, Alaska and Hawaii)
Tow a boat up a mountain
Visit a Vineyard
Eat lobster on the ocean (Maine)
See a moose, mountain lion, coyote, fox, bald eagle
Visit Estes Park
Stay in a mountain cabin
Ride a roller coaster
Receive a standing ovation
Write a grant and get it approved
Be the Executive Director of a non-profit organization
To to the top of the Empire State Building
See a tornado
Bake a pie and have people love it
Visit Graceland
Go 4 wheeling on a rugged road
Go on a honeymoon
Visit Mesa Verde
Visit a Mayan Ruin
White water raft in Colorado
Feel like a model
Attend a great concert (Eagles)
See Rod Stewart, Byan Adams, Areosmith, Van Halen, Tim MaGraw, Faith Hill. George Strait, Martina McBride, Eagles, Eric Clapton, Bon Jovi etc in Concert
Go to a spa and feel like a queen
Take dancing lessons
Go lobster fishing in Maine
Go on a spiritual retreat
Workout hard with a trainer
Gamble in Las Vegas
Tour a big city all by myself
Walk on Venice Beach in California
See New England in the fall
Go apple picking in Vermont
Have an adventure flying with a puppy
Sew a quilt
Learn to cook
Drive a John Deere
Encourage a friend to do something she has never done and is scared to do
Break a board in Taekwondo
Indoor sky diving
Mountain biking
Read “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch
Learned to say “NO” without feeling guilty
Learned to ice skate
Parasailing in Cabo San Lucas
Watched a sunset in Mexico Cabo San Lucas
Fire a Pistol
Swing off a rope swing into a mountain lake
Help a kid have a lemonade stand
Scrapbook something
Read every book written by my favorite author (John Grishem and Linda Lael Miller)
Allow myself to make mistakes
Release negative emotions and limiting beliefs
Forgive someone
Forgive myself
Donate clothes to Goodwill
Certify in CPR and First Aid
Learn to set clear boundaries
Stick to my guns over something difficult
Create a home with an inviting, joyous, comfortable, nurturing, organized and loving atmosphere
Have a rose garden
Learn Reiki
Have a firepit
Have a fabulous view from my living room
Have a sunroom just for sitting
Climb a 14er in Colorado and yodel from the summit

So my friend, I ask you “what’s next on your list”.

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