Confession Time

Confession Time

My name is Jackie, and I am addicted to chocolate. Really. Actually to be more specific, chocolate chips. I wouldn’t confess this to my blogging friends if it were not true. I am just not that kind of gal.

Honestly, I could survive on a deserted island forever with just a few things…. chocolate chips, coffee, diet coke, and a swimsuit. That’s really all it would take for me to get by and actually be in my version of heaven.

It is hard for me to come clean about these things. I would rather pretend I am eating tofu, high fiber bran and other such healthy things but usually I am not.

History of it all…

It all began a long time ago…. in a nice little house….. with a nice little family……. You see it actually began quite innocently enough. As a kid I was really sick a lot of the time. I won’t go into all the boring details but let’s just say I had a childhood disease which I have thankfully fully outgrown but while I was between the ages of 2 -15 an awful lot of the time I was sick with a kidney infection. When this would happen my mom would have to give me a fairly strong dosage of Prednisone. I don’t know if this is still true or not but back in my day the Pharmaceutical Industry had not come up with a good tasting syrupy version of Prednisone for kids. I had to swallow or chew up to 21 of theses little gems for several weeks while the doctor tapered me off them.

What was this like? Horrible, miserable, it was like chewing on a railroad tie. Can you imagine how hard it was for my mom to get me to do this starting at the age of 2! Good gracious, I really can’t imagine and I have vivid memories of me trying to get a dropper full of baby flavored Tylenol into my own toddler’s mouth and that is really no comparison. If I say I HATED taking my medicine that would be the gross understatement of 2011!

Bless my Mom

But thankfully I was blessed with an amazing mother, resourceful and kindhearted. As she tells the story, she could not figure out why I would make such a terrible fuss about taking my medicine until she finally took a little taste herself. After that it did not take her long to develop an ingenious system. A system that if I were in her shoes I would do to my own kids in a HEARTBEAT!

Every morning she would line up my pills and we would count out one chocolate chip for each little pill. The deal was beautiful in its simplicity; it was so clear that even at three years old I could get it. If I took a pill, chewed it up and actually swallowed it without a huge fuss I could have one chocolate chip to wash it down with. Problem solved.

The Unfortunate Result

Flash forward to the grown up version of Jackie, the one who no longer has to take nasty tasting medicine that she can’t swallow. The version who whenever she has a stressful moment desperately wants to reach for just a few reassuring friendly little chocolate chips to help make it all better. You just found me.

It all makes perfect sense once you really think about it. Honestly it took me many years to figure out why I always felt safe when there was a package of chocolate chips in my pantry.

If you think I am making all this up you can call my sister. She’ll tell you the truth. A few years back when I was going through some rough stress she even sent me a care package and in it was a package of Nestle Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips!

The Answer?

Now that my eyes are wide open and I am on this kick of trying to accomplish my life or bucket list I think it is time to put on my big girl panties and go for a hard challenge. I am going to try to kick a bad habit this year. My bad habit is chocolate chips. Oh dear Lord I am scared.

How am I going to do this you ask? I have a plan. I found a workshop here in town through the Colorado Free University called “Don’t Weight Any Longer! Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss” the class starts next Wednesday and I was afraid I would chicken out and not go as the date drew near so I had to write this little story and post it for everyone to see so you can hold me accountable.

The class is actually taught by the Official Olympic Team Hypnotherapist and supposedly he has been doing this to Olympic caliber athletes for over 30 years. I am going to see him for my little chocolate problem. If I lose 10 pounds that will just be the icing on the cake. My plan is to have him hypnotize me and make me not ever want to eat chocolate chips again! I hope he is up to the challenge!

Stay Tuned…

Wish me luck my friends.  So my friend, I ask you “what’s next on your list?”

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  1. That is soooo funny! I was nibbling on some chocolate chips tonight!