“Baby you a song
You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise
Down a back road blowin’ stop signs through the middle
Every little farm town with you
In this brand new Chevy with a lift kit
Would look a hell of a lot better with you up in it
So baby you a song
You make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise”

By Florida Georgia Line

547718_10200395442303340_350359057_nTyler and Brian

The boys captured the feeling I remember so well of summertime in the Midwest, cruising around in my little red Camero, with the music blaring and the windows down and the T-Tops off. My friends and I had no clue what growing up really meant, but all we knew is that we loved hanging out together, cruising around and singing to the tops of our lungs, in the heat of summertime. We savored our first taste of independence and freedom without the anxiety or stress that comes with real life. It was a precious time of my life and in an instant the lyrics took me back.

Recapturing that moment of my youth in the few lines of lyrics and a catchy tune made me realize what a blessed life I have led. Even though it’s been a long time since my cruising days of my teenage years, the song evoked pleasant memories. Suddenly my senses came alive, feeling the warm summer night wind through my hair, the feel of the leather steering wheel under my fingers, the twinkling stars and the red and orange Midwest sunsets. I could smell the farm fields and rich dirt mixed with the coconut in the Coppertone suntan lotion and the fresh air mixed with just a hint of bug spray protection from pesky mosquitoes!

The fun part is that the very first time I heard this song on the Highway on my car radio I found myself dancing in my seat and singing along even before I knew the words. When I realized my daughter knew the young men who sang these words and that this was their first hit, it was even more fun. When she called a few months later to invite me to their concert at The Rose I was purely excited. The fact that she managed to get us tickets, backstage meet and greet passes, and I got to give them a motherly hug and have my picture taken with them was pure gold. My chance to cross another item off my bucket list-meet someone famous! The fact that Tyler and Brian were not actually famous, yet didn’t matter. I knew they would be famous and it was a kick that I got to meet them on the brink of that fame, the actual week they won the AMC Artist of the Year Award. Suddenly, tickets were sold out, Facebook lit up, and their lives went from unknown to being the hottest country duo in the country, and they were singing my song!

The night of the concert we joined the a anxious line of fans lucky enough to have a meet and greet pass and soon Tyler and Brian were ushered into the meeting room and we were guided in an orderly fashion through the line until finally it was almost our turn. It was then that Tyler got a glimpse of my daughter, his friend from her freshman year at Belmont in Nashville! His face lit up in recognition and he gave her a friendly wave. Soon we were all posing for a fast picture and we used our few seconds of time to congratulate them both on the success of their debut album and recent AMC win. Even though the three young adults were interested in catching up we were told to move on time was up and they would soon be on stage.

As the lights of the bar and dance hall dimmed the crowd came to life with anticipation. Thanks to my lucky girl we had tickets in the VIP section, which offered substantially better viewing than the main dance hall, and we wiggled our way as far forward as we could. Much to my motherly delight Brian announced that the concert was dedicated to his father who was celebrating his 70th birthday! I watched as everyone turned to cheer for a handsome mature man standing next to me! The look of pride on his face was priceless and soon the boys led the crowd in singing happy birthday.

The actual concert was fantastic and the boys had that house rocking from their first song to their last. They worked the crowd of FGL enthusiasts and the stage like a couple of veterans and other than look of pure wonderment in their eyes, which I could actually see since I was so close to the stage, you’d have thought they’d been doing this for years and years.

The night ended much too fast and before I knew it, this soccer mom was feeling like Cinderella at the ball, and it was over. Back to reality, but it was so much fun to meet the young men of Florida Georgia Line, and sing along at the top of my lungs like a silly schoolgirl. Even better was the fact that we got to say hi backstage and get our picture as solid proof that this crazy mom actually got to meet someone famous, sort of. They might not have been exactly famous on that May night but they are quickly becoming a Country sensation and household word, even topping the CMA’s just a couple months later.

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