Dreams Come True

My daughter can dream really big. Ever since she was a tiny toddler she has wanted to be a star.

When she was tiny she would dress up in a frilly “twirly” dress, add all the accessories she could find, and then insist we introduce her grandly to the living room as “Lisa Peasant Girlllll!” She would then waltz grandly into the room and begin her performance. We would watch enthusiastically, clapping and cheering her on for the camera. This went on for years. I mean years.

At first my husband and I thought it was cute, then we thought it was funny, then we tried to distract her, eventually we gave in and just chalked it up to the notion that she would out grow it eventually.

As a kid she would insist on directing, writing and producing each and every play date. Orchestrating the play and play actors every move.

I remember trying to get her to let others lead. It usually didn’t work. I worried about this. Was this normal?

Flash forward about 17 years. The young, silly girl is now a beautiful, young woman. Confident and radiant she commands attention where ever she goes.

The young woman is a natural leader and has miraculously found that she can continue to direct and produce in every activity by becoming an officer of the school group.

The young woman loves to sing and when she opens heart to the song it usually makes me cry from its beauty.

All Grown Up


As a senior in high school this young woman was given an amazing opportunity, an opportunity she earned by singing the National Anthem at virtually every high school sporting event her large high school held. Much to all of our dismay, she was given the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at a professional Rockies Baseball game.

The night of the event, the Rockies played the Atlanta Braves, the stadium was filled and Saturday night excitement filled the air.

She walked out on the field and the field manager handed her the microphone. As calmly as if she were walking into school she stepped out and began to sing, acappella, all alone.

The words “Oh say can you see” ring out loud and clear from her voice, solid and strong. She was a sight to behold. The giant TV screen showed her performance to all in the stands and on TV.

“What so proudly we hail, at the twilight’s last gleaming” as she sang the notes got even stronger. Somehow she realized this was her dream and she gave it all she had to give.   She held nothing back; she had no fear.

In the stands, I was overcome with a wave of nausea, I was shaking from head to toe and couldn’t bear to let the air out of my lungs. I was terrified for her. There were so many people, the TV cameras were rolling, and everyone she loved was there watching her. My own insecurities drove my fear until I realized she did not have this fear. She was living her dream, sharing her gift with thousands of people.

As she hits the high notes flawlessly I stare at my beloved daughter in complete awe and admiration. She held the crowd’s attention for the entire four minutes and delivered a flawless performance.

Watching her spread her wings and fly I realized somehow I had managed to give birth to someone who just might change the world with her gift, a gift from God that she was not afraid to share.

So my friend, I ask you “what’s next on your list?’

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