Five Steps to Creating Your Own Bucketlist

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Why do you need a bucket list? A bucket list serves as a life goal list or a guide for focusing on your dreams. When you don’t have a life goal list it is far too easy to spend all your time, energy and money doing things that really aren’t important to you. Suddenly, you realize years have passed you by and now you can’t make these dreams happen. By creating a bucket list or life goal list you have a blueprint for your specific dreams.

How do you go about creating your own bucket list?

First, spend some time daydreaming. Let go of your adult imposed restrictions. Stop thinking of all the reasons why you can’t do something you want, and re-learn the childhood practice of daydreaming. Make some quiet time in your busy world, and practice letting your thoughts go into a world of pretend.


Ask yourself the question “where would I like to travel to today?” Sit back and imagine what it would feel like to travel to some exotic special place. What would it feel like to sit in an outdoor café in France or ride a bicycle through the vineyards of Italy? How would you feel standing on the top of Mt Everest after climbing for days? What would it be like to jump from a plane with a parachute strapped to your back? How cool would it be to know how to make a gourmet meal for friends and family?

Daydreaming is often a lost art on adults. We tend to get too caught up in the day -to -day responsibilities of life and somehow stop indulging in our ability to daydream. Over time we lose that gift. When you make time to pretend and daydream again you will be amazed at how quickly your mind can start dreaming up exciting adventures.

Second, get out a blank piece of paper and just start brainstorming your ideas. Write down your daydreams. Where did your mind take you when you let go and let it take the lead? At this point in time, do not logically think about whether or not it is realistic or feasible to actually what is on your list; just write down your ideas.

Third, step back and take a closer look at your brainstorming list. Did you write down places you wanted to travel to or did your list consist mainly of adventures you wanted to have? Maybe your list included things you wanted to learn or events you wanted to witness in person. Now, try arranging your list into general categories such as travel, adventures, new skills, events to see etc. It is important to remember that there are no rules here. Your list is your list, it is right for you and that is all that matters.

Fourth, spend some time looking through magazines or travel books for inspiration. Do a little research and determine what parts of the world you would like to see, a visit to the library or a travel TV channel are often great sources of inspiration.

Fifth, visit online sites like and bucket list online for ideas. The Internet provides a wealth of research opportunities from travel blogs, how-to sites and more. I found that by visiting Internet sites like inspired me and helped me identify things that I really wanted to do but just had not consciously thought of yet.

Now that you have a solid start to your bucket list, share your ideas with friends and family. Having a bucket list is only the first step. Now you know what you want to with your life and the time is now to get started!

So my friend, I ask you “what’s next on your list?”

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