Flying High

Another day, and I am dreaming of another adventure. My life is not that different from anyone else’s. I take care of my family, the dog, run errands, pay bills, check email, do laundry and dishes and other exciting household chores, I work and I try to be a good person. But I also dream. Sometimes I fit this in while I am doing laundry or slipping off to sleep or running an errand around town but I actually like to dream. I think dreaming is one of those things that the more you do of it the better you get at it. At first dreaming can be intimidating but once you get the ball rolling it is actually quite fun. What would I like to do if I could do anything? Hmmm…

Today I am dreaming about taking a flying lesson. This is one of those darn things that I have always wanted to do but never seemed to get around to doing. “I don’t know anyone who gives flying lessons, it might be really expensive and well Christmas is coming up I really can’t afford to just go off and take a flying lesson like I am Donald Trump or something, I think you have to be really sharp to fly a plan what if I can’t do it?” Crazy stuff like this rattles around in my head but I persist in my exercise of dreaming like a cough in January!

Now that I am busy trying to fit my midlife crisis into my already busy little life I have to get more organized, I have to dream strategically. This must be what my masters degree is for!! On my last birthday my parents gave me a check to go buy a new outfit. They know I am much more prone to shop for my family than myself so they usually encourage me to go pick out something new to wear so I don’t look quite so -you know-outdated! This year I actually planned and thought ahead. I took the unusually bold step of asking my parents if I could save this money and use it later for a flying lesson. Guess what? They loved the idea!

I have been carefully guarding this secret little stash now for a few months and I am finally ready to make my dream a reality. I need to do this. I am not sure why but I just really want to feel what it would feel like to sit in the cockpit of a plane, up where all the dials and levers are and pretend for a few minutes I am Tom Cruise in Top Gun or something wildly exciting. It is a nice break from everyday suburban housewife stuff.

Researching like a lunatic I find just what I am looking for, a Flight Training School that offers a 1 hour discovery flight! Perfect! I call and make my appointment and much to my delight I can get in next Monday. This feels like such a bold step, it feels kind of exciting and yet kind of scary. I feel almost dangerous or something!

What fun, instead of dreading Monday I am actually looking forward to it! I will be flying high in the sky!

So my friend, I ask you “what’s next on your list?”

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