Give a Little

Give a Little

As you might have realized a lot of the items on my list are not necessarily traditional bucket list fun, adventure kind of items.  In fact, several of the things that made it to my list have more to do with helping me become the person I want to be rather than the person I am today.

My belief is that life is a journey and that learning and growing should never stop.  If we stop “becoming” we often lose who we actually are.

One of my goals is to continue to challenge myself, to seek growth opportunities and then to incorporate this into who I am.

A good example of this is donating blood.  Obviously, I know that donating blood is a good and noble thing to do.  I have no health restrictions that would keep me from giving, just my own humanness.  In order to give blood I would have to think about it ahead of time, consciously make the decision to donate, seek out a donation site, and actually go there on the appointed time and date.  Call me lazy or just inconsiderate, but I have never done this.

I put donate blood on my bucket list because I wanted to hold myself accountable to ensure I followed through and actually did it.  That is kind of sad to admit, but it is the truth.  This is why I put several items on my list that were more oriented to personal growth, I want to become a better person.

Today I took that first step.  I researched how to donate blood in my area and I called the number and scheduled the appointment.  It really was that simple.  I called an 800 number, gave the operator my zip code, picked the date and location I wanted to donate and viola! I haven’t even done it yet, but I already feel like a better person.  I left my selfishness aside and took time to do for another.

If this is something you would like to do too try calling 1-800-365-0006 or go to Bonfils website!

So my friend, I ask you “what’s next on your list?”

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