Hint Hint Hint

Hint Hint Hint

Next? Well Friday is a big day for me. I am scheduled to donate blood at the Bonfils Blood Donation Center in the morning.  Then I get the wonderful treat of babysitting my beautiful 11-month-old Godson Joshua for a couple hours. His smile lights up my world.

When I get a free minute in the afternoon I am going to call my friend Phyllis and sign up to be a Sentsy Consultant and officially launch my third business. I love candles, fragrances and friends. This should be a good combination.

On my bucket list you will notice that I want to get 100 percent debt free and I want to build a business myself. I also want to eventually be financially independent. Big dreams, but I have learned from my adventures so far that the only way to guarantee that I won’t get there is to do nothing. Nothing is not an option. Like I learned when I went rock climbing, when there is no obvious next step you have to be willing to do something.

I have been searching for a good business opportunity for the past 2-3 years. I knew I wanted to be my own boss, set my own hours and not interfere with my main mission in life, which is to keep God, my husband and my kids the center of my universe. I looked into franchises, not a good fit for me because most of them are fast food oriented, margins are low and the hours are long. Then I looked into purchasing an ongoing entity. Maybe a good plan, but after 2 years of active research I still have not found the right opportunity. Scratch that. Then I looked into starting my own business from the ground up. This is the long way to get there but it gave me the most control.

Let me tell you how I got from these three options to choosing Sentsy. Actually, a better way to put it is that Scentsy chose me.

It started this summer when my son’s friend Connor came to visit for 6 weeks. Basically, he moved in and became “one of my own”. Connor is a cool young man and I adore his mom. Connor has been part of this family since he was in the 4th grade and he knows me. He knows I love candles. Connor brought me a gift. When I opened the box I saw a beautiful Scentsy burner and two bricks of fragrant wax. I instantly loved it. I plugged it in and I quickly become a convert. No wicks, no lit candle and safety hazard, no black soot, just fragrant smells and a beautiful decorative burner.

My Scentsy was on almost 24 hours a day for the entire time he was here. Just before he left I asked him how I got more scented bricks. He told me it was easy, just go online and order whatever I wanted. He told me that Scentsy was the biggest thing going on in Oklahoma. Hint one.

Fast forward a couple months later. I still love my Scentsy, but I start to get concerned that I am running out of new bricks. Finally, one day I get online to see where I go and how I order more. I typed in Scentsy. A nice web site comes up and asks if I want to find a consultant in my area. Sure! I type in my zip code. Three names pop up instantly.

I can’t believe my eyes. One of the names is my friend Phyllis. Our girls have been friends since Kindergarten and we go to the same church. Wow. I pick up the phone that instant and give her a call. When I tell her my story and how excited I was to see she was a consultant she laughed. I asked about placing an order. Then she tells me she has a basket of scents that she passes on to interested people so that they can smell all the different frangrents. What she tells me next stops me in my tracks. Her basket is currently at ANOTHER friend of mines house. Now this is getting weird. Hint two.

I hang up with Phyllis and give Susan a call. Again, I am stopped in my tracks when she tells me she no longer has the basket but our friend Tara has it. OK, I may be a slow learner but I get it. Hint three.

You see, I am constantly talking with God and had been praying for an answer to my business search. Here I am just trying to buy more scented bricks for my beloved Scentsy and I run smack dab into three of my friends. This can’t be a coincidence. I think God is trying to tell me something here.

I set up coffee with Phyllis and ask if she can tell me about this business. That was it. That was how I took another step, just a small one, but it opened up a new possibility. Because I have this bucket list and on it are a few related items: get debt free, be financially independent, have my own business, I got the message God was trying to tell me. I signed on to sell Scentsy products, have fun with my friends and be able to tell everyone about my crazy bucket list adventures. I think it is crazy how life works. This is so simple in its beauty I am amazed.

I have no idea if this is the business idea that will allow me to get debt free or become financially independent, but it will allow me to launch my own business, hopefully make some extra cash, do what I love, and have fun and that’s enough for me right now.

So my friend, I ask you “what’s next on your list?’

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