IQ Test

If you ask me the key to a happy marriage is being able to fall in love with each other over and over. Unpredictable at best, you never know when these moments are going to happen, thankfully they do.

In 1999 we took our kids, ages 8 and 10 to Disneyland for the first time. We were all excited and ready to cram as much fun as possible into our week. After about three adventure packed days of Rock ‘n Roll Rollercoaster, All Star Parades and It’s a Small World  we crashed at our hotel a bit earlier than usual. I remember vividly lying on the hotel bed so tired I could hardly lift a leg! “My gosh, this Disney stuff is exhausting” I said to my husband.

“Ya I’m wiped out” he agreed with out moving an inch.

We had an absolutely splendid time and by the end of the week I was bone weary, more tired than I could ever remember being before in my life. Almost anxious to return home to get some rest we boarded the plane and headed for the comforts of home.

We had really had a busy fall, besides the usual back to school activities, we’d found out in September that we were moving from our rural home in New England to the suburbs of Tennessee.

We’d rushed to prep our home and get it on the market before the long New England winter moved in on us. Simultaneously, we’d purged our closets prepping for the upcoming move. We held a big garage sale and even got rid of all the baby items we were still toting around finally deciding the third baby we’d been hoping for over the past three years was just not going to happen.

The house hunting trip was stressful, in three days we toured 82 homes, finally settling on a new construction in the suburbs. Excited for our first ever new home we decided we could live without a fourth bedroom for guests and a basement.

The move had occurred the first of November and our scheduled Disney trip was for the week after Thanksgiving. We were exhausted from the move but happy to be able to take the kids on a trip of a lifetime and start our new life in the south.

As we landed back in Tennessee all I could think about was sleeping in my own bed, what I wasn’t thinking about was dates.

The next morning as I tried to pull myself from my warm bed and get the kids moving for school I glanced at the family calender on the regrigerator. The date caught my eye, “wow, how could it already be Dec. 6.!” I thought. “wait a minute, Dec. 6th!” it hit me that in the crazy rush to get moved, unpacked, host Thanksgiving and then go on our vacation I hadn’t had my – you know what. When was the last time? The more mental math I did the more my heart raced.

After coming up with 2+2=5 over and over I decided a quick trip to Walmart was in order. Now!

Once I got home, I ran in and quickly completed my “test.” Positive, instantly. I redid the “test.” Positive, instantly.

“Oh my, I can’t wait until tonight to share the news with my husband, time for Plan B” I thought.

I quickly dialed his work number. ‘Hey, honey” I innocently started the conversation with, followed by -panic, “now what?” Plan C. “what are you doing for lunch? Maybe we could meet at Chili’s for lunch?” I asked.

“Oh hey, that would be nice” he readily agreed.

When I walked into the restaurant a couple hours later he was already seated. One look at me and he knew something was up .

“What’s wrong” he quizzed me.

Deciding no preamble was necessary. I jumped in with both feet, “I took a test today- and it was POSITIVE!” I blurted out in a rush.

“What kind of a test, an IQ test?” he asked without missing nary a beat.

“Now-the OTHER kind of test!” I fired back at him over our chips and salsa, as if there were only two tests in the entire world.

Staring at him for some kind of response I could see the lightbulb go off and I could see his eyes sparkle.

“What are we going to do?” I wined!

“Well, I think we are going to have another baby” he grinned back at me.

That was it-I fell in love again.

I was just so exhausted and absolutely not thinking of babies at that moment in my life-shock still had me a bit numb.

“Now? But we sold all the baby stuff just four weeks ago. We don’t have an extra bedroom and we just bought the house! We’ve been waiting for the baby for three years and no he/she decides to come!” crazy thoughts raced through my head.

He just sat there and grinned. “Well, what do you know!” he said.

I loved the way he handled my irrational, exhausted, hormonal, half crazed state of mind. I loved the way he grinned when he realized what kind of test I’d taken. I loved the fact that he thought I’d passed an IQ test! I just fell in love again.

Nine months later our baby girl was born to the most excited little family of four you can imagine. Her bedroom was the laundry room and we bought all new baby items. It was absolutely wonderful. God knew what he was doing!

My son said it best on the second day she was home. “Mom, I had no idea we were so boring until Maggie came along!” I agree, either did I.

So my friend, I ask you “what’s next on your list?”

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