Keep Trying

Our family has been on serious vacation mode since the last post but I have accomplished a few major bucket list items. At the lake this summer I completely stepped out of my comfort zone and instead of riding my ski and doing what I have done for the past 30 years I kept the ski put away and pulled out my daughter’s wake board and climbed on. Now I tried this in the past and although I managed to get up I did not master that art of any of it. I tried to ride the wake board like a ski and it doesn’t work that way! This summer I kept working at it and with some good coaching by my son, his friend Connor and even my daughter I eventually got it. I feel pretty comfortable on the board now and I can go in and out of the wake on both sides. Of course there is much more to learn but I can say now “I ride”!

The second thing was to learn to wake surf. Persistence is the key here and a healthy dose of courage because you ride so close to the boat it a bit scary at first, but again, I stuck with it and finally got it! I even threw the rope into the boat a couple of times and rode the wake! Now that I have mastered a couple more new items I can report back that I love wake surfing-I got out of my comfort zone and learned a couple new skills and discovered a new love!

I consider myself to be a religious person. My faith has always been an important part of my life and my definition of self. I have no intention of insulting anyone here but for our family boating is a bit of a religion too. As a child I grew up camping and boating nearly every weekend during the summer. Many of my fondest family memories and my definition of family were formed by these happy memories. To this day when I smell Coppertone I am immediately transported to a time and place far away from everyday life. I think of sunshine, water, laughter and Glen Campbell singing on the radio. This is where my motto of work hard and play harder comes from. My parents worked very hard running their business but when the weekends rolled around they would happily pack up the camper, load it with tons of sunscreen and food and off the to lake we would go for hours and hours of fun.

Camping Years Ago


One of the first life lessons I learned in the art of perseverance was the summer I was 12 and tried to learn to slalom ski. I just could not get out of the water on my ski. I would try dozens of times a day until my parents would finally declare me done for fear of hurting myself in my exhaustion but eventually I figured it out and popped out of the water. I had never had to work that hard for anything. I learned how to ski by sure grit, not talent or natural ability. Looking back I can see now that this was the challenge it was because none of us knew how to do it. Trial and error was my teacher. This was a great lesson for me and I can truthfully say that many things in my life have followed the same pattern. Sometimes you just have to figure it out yourself and usually the harder you have to work at something the more it means to you in the end. It is not the easy stuff in life that forms your character it is the hard stuff!

On some level I always wanted to create these kinds of memories for my children. It took us years but my husband and I finally got to the point six years ago that we could afford a family boat. Soon my own family was getting religious about boating and our summers were filled with lazy days at the lake. Purchasing our boat was one of the best decisions we have made as a couple and I know that our kids will forever hold these family memories in their hearts. Maybe with a little luck they somehow learned the lesson of perseverance too.

Hanging 10


So my friend, I ask you, “what’s next on your list”.

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