Paint Mines and Dirt Clods

Paint Mines and Dirt Clods

Sam summer 2013

My son is not coming home this summer for the first time in his life. He is staying at college so he can attend summer classes and get a step or two closer to his college degree. I blinked and somehow he is already a senior in college with career dreams and big ideas of changing the world. He’s done just what I hoped and prayed he’d do. He’s studied hard, worked hard, and done well. He did well in high school and he’s done well in college. It makes me happy and sad all at once.

I knew this day was coming but it just seemed to arrive so much faster than I really thought it would. He had just a few free days this summer and came home to spend some time with us and hang out with his sisters, especially his baby sister who is growing up on him while he is away starting his new life.

As mom, I’ve worked hard to prepare him, so has his dad. We tried to give him a good foundation, tons of love, a healthy dose of discipline when needed and as much character, principles and values as we could in the 19 years we had him around.

We just wrapped up a nice couple of days, managed to pull off a couple of mother son bucket list adventures, several middle school end of year ceremonies and a couple of his favorite family meals and then just as fast as it began, it’s over. Time for him to load up his truck and head back out into the world.

As an emotional female type this is the hard part for me. I’m proud of him, he’s no longer a boy, he is now a man and he will well on his way to making his own life and dreams come true. He’s made a couple mis-steps along the way but he’s gained much maturity and is well past the worry stage for a parent. I can see he is taking care of himself, managing his life and that he is happy. In the end that was my goal from the very beginning.

While he was around in my world for a few days we managed to sneak away from life and took the top off the Jeep on a sunny May day and headed out for a mini-adventure to the Painted Mines for a hike. We let the wind blow our hair around, listened to his kind of music, and enjoyed a hike in a pasture that reminded us both of where my mom grew up in the sand hills of Nebraska.

Jackie paint mine 2

Jackie pain mine 3

We climbed up a few of the sandstone formations and sat together looking out at the rolling hills of east Colorado prairie, we even tossed a few dirt clods just because we could. As we sat in silence that afternoon just enjoying the day I knew it was time to let him go a little bit more. It seems that every year my job of letting go a little bit more gets more and more difficult and I could see it was time again.

Love you my son.

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