Putting It Out There

A few weeks ago my husband and and I drove home after dropping our son off at college for his freshman year. This was a fun and exciting trip for all of us but not an easy one for my husband or me. After several hours of driving in silence each of us lost in our own thoughts of our son’s childhood we began to chat about different subjects.

I innocently asked him what he thought of me doing all these crazy bucket list things and I was a bit surprised at his answer. He told me he was very supportive and that he thought it was fun. He understood that I needed to spend some time just on me and that I was growing and learning from these adventures. It is so wonderful to have a supportive husband I thought.

Then my loving husband did what he does best. He gave me a good solid kick in the butt. Now don’t get concerned, nothing physical here, he gave me a mental kick in the butt. He asked me what else was on my list. I threw a few items out for discussion that we had not really ever talked about before and then I tossed the big one out. I would like to write a book.

My follow up to that was that I had no idea what kind of book to write. Did I think my genre was fiction? If so, what would the story line look like. It really couldn’t be non fiction because I did not consider myself an expert at anything special or noteworthy.

This was about the time the kick in the butt came out of his mouth. “Why don’t you write a book about your bucket list. I really think other women about your age can really relate to what you are talking about. Everyone wants to balance family, children, work and still have time for themselves.  Use your blogs and look deeply into each bucket list item and find out what you were really looking for with this activity. Take your Learning to Knit item, maybe what you are really looking for in wanting to learn to knit is to connect back with your grandma and the simple lessons in life that she taught you about being happy with what you have in life and how to create something special from nothing.” I sat there with my jaw wide open staring back at him.

“How does he do that?” I wondered.

My first reaction was to try and argue with him. “Well, I could not write a book about this. Who would care?” I wanted to argue.

He followed this with “look at the response you’ve gotten when you started posting about this on your Facebook page.”

People can relate to this, they are interested and it is touching a cord with a lot of people.” I sat there and thought about it.

He took it a step farther. “Think about why you are doing this. What are you struggling with, write about what you learned about yourself or your past when you completed a new bucket list item. I think people will be interested and you will find out a lot about yourself in the process.”

Well damn.

Before I could come up with a list of reasons why he was insane he said “I challenge you to write this book. Stop putting up roadblocks and write it. Take 20 or so bucket list items, do them, write about them and get the book done by the end of the year.”

“Hmmmmmm… ” I thought. “Well, why not. No one will read this thing anyway but the two of us. I will write the book.”

Ok, deal. I am having fun crossing items off my list and in spite of myself I am learning a lot about myself in the process. I think this is going to be good for me. I will take his idea, merge it with my ideas and make a book out of it. This may be the biggest bucket list item yet.

I love my husband and this is why what we have seems to work. Sometimes I just need a kick in the butt and he is good at doing just that!

The kids


Maybe we all need someone in our lives who can “kick us in the butt” when we need it the most.

Surely everyone has a friend or a family member who will be honest with you.   The question is, do you listen?

So my friend, I ask you, what’s next on your list?

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