Snowshoe in the Sunshine

I have wanted to snow shoe for years; in fact, ever since we lived in New England and spent our winters in a snowy wonderland I have been fascinated with this sport. This winter I finally got my chance when I received snowshoes for Christmas!

Now that I was armed and ready, guess what? Not enough snow! Yes, for the first time in a long time, we were experiencing a fairly bare January, that is until this past week when the snow finally started to fly. Today I had my chance, a nice sunny day, 8 inches of fresh fallen snow and mid thirties temp and some peek-a-boo sunshine.

I took the family dog, Rowdy, with me and being born of good northern stock he is a natural in the snow, therefore a good snowshoeing partner. As we headed out to explore the neighborhood, and master the art of walking in snowshoes I decided this was indeed a great day. Here I was on a beautiful crisp Colorado day, out with my trusty dog on a new adventure. Life indeed is good.

Now, I had actually been snowshoeing once before, but in our family we don’t mention that fateful day much. It was many years ago, and I had just managed to talk my sister-in-law into taking me into the mountains to go snowshoeing. I was really excited to have the day with her and the chance to learn something new and exciting. Little did I know just how exciting it would be.

All was going well until we hit a patch of ice on the road, and her little subcompact car instantly went into a spin. I remember it like it was yesterday, so does she, which is why we don’t mention it! Anyway, as the car started spinning and heading toward the drop off edge of the road it was like I was watching a slow-motion movie. In this movie, there was no scary music so I wasn’t alarmed at all. Somehow, I knew we’d be fine. I knew this even as we reached the edge of the road, and fell into the ravine below heading rapidly toward a line of Evergreen trees.

It is funny how we must have a subconscious, either that or a Guardian Angel sitting on our shoulder, because I was safe and calm and I knew we’d be just fine. We hit the nearest tree with a loud whack. The car was a mess. We looked at each other and asked if each was ok. “Yup, I’m just fine!” I replied when it was my turn.

Surveying the damage, we could see we were in a real situation, and were very, very lucky. The drop-off from the road must have been at least 20 feet. We could have rolled so easily, and then most likely would not be fairing nearly as well as we currently were. Thanking God for taking good care of us, we counted our blessings and tried our cell phones hoping we would be able to call for help. Again, things were meant to be ok, because the phones worked and help was soon on the way.

As we waited for help to arrive we noticed several cars above stop as they passed us, back up, and rush to the edge of the road yelling down “are you ok?”

“Yes we are just fine, thank you! Help is on the way!” we’d reply like nothing was wrong!

I learned a good lesson that day; first go slow on icy mountain roads, and second, sometimes-even when bad things are happening you just know you are going to be ok. I think that is called faith. I am glad I have it!

Today’s snowshoeing was far less exciting. I didn’t drive up to the mountains to do it; I walked outside and did it in the neighborhood. I also didn’t have a nasty car accident. Instead, I counted my blessings as I romped around my yard and the field close to me with my trusty dog and I had the time of my life.

I would like to ask my sister-in-law to join me again sometime. I hope she’ll say yes!

I am blessed, and I am thankful I have faith. I am excited I finally got to go snowshoeing today and cross another adventure off my bucket list!

So my friend, I ask you “what’s next on you

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