The Graduate

One of my most anticipated Bucket list items is to watch my child graduate from college, I am hoping I get to cross this item off the list early May of 2011 when my oldest daughter graduates with her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Business.  This event will be much celebrated in our little family as the huge accomplishment that it is, along with milestone that it represents.

My husband and I have long been believers in higher education, a belief that can be proven by our own efforts and many hours in a campus library.  My husband and I started dating many years ago while we were both undergrads at the University of Nebraska.  As a future engineer Dan spent many hours balancing the demands of thermodynamics and calculus while I wrestled with accounting, finance and management.  Our hard work paid off and we graduated with freshly printed Bachelor’s degrees and earnestly started our respective careers.

Later Dan started work on a Masters of Engineering degree but soon decided he wanted a Masters Degree in Business to round out his education.  We did the unusual and highly questioned strategic move of applying to a top graduate school two thousand miles from home as parents to two very small children.  Dan applied to and was accepted to in Ivy League School on the East Coast.  He anxiously started his master’s degree at the number one Operations school in the country.  It took me 14 years but I too eventually got to start work on my long awaited masters degree and two years later celebrated with an MBA.

Dan and I have always believed that education was the key to our future and hoped our own children would agree and follow our example.

Our oldest has worked very hard at preparing herself well for a career in the music industry and has combined her education work with internships designed to help her network contacts.  I am very excited for her and can’t wait to see where her future takes her, I have no doubts that she has the skills needed to be an industry leader in due time.

This past weekend I had the honor of watching one of my much loved “extra” children graduate with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and as I watched her cross the stage and shake hands with the dean I felt my heart swelling with pride for all her accomplishments.  She is a great young lady but I must admit there were times, when I along with her dad, doubted this celebrated day would come.  But come it did and it was a joyous celebration indeed.

Young Christina has already suffered much heartache in her young life, having lost her mother at the young age of 12 years old.  My daughter and Christina have been friends for almost 9 years and during that time I watched her try to navigate her teenage years with the guidance of the loving and firm hand of her seasoned dad. I know that Christina would have given anything to have her mom there for her teenage years and for her graduation day.  Christina and her Dad faced a daunting task but with the help of a couple of “extra Mom’s” like me they found their way through her teen years.

To have the honor of cheering young Christina on as she was called across the stage to accept her degree was amazing. Watching the incredible look of pride on her dad’s face was absolutely priceless.  I wish you could have seen it.  I hope that having the love and support of her extra family helped give her the courage to follow her dream and I hope she enjoys a bright future.  I am sure her mom was cheering her on from heaven.  I am looking forward to this moment with my daughter in a few more months but in the meantime I felt blessed to be part of Christina’s big day.

Happy Roommates

So my friend, I ask you “what’s next on your list?”

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