What An Idea!

I’m hooked. This is contagious stuff, the more I do the more I find that I want to do, then I start to tell my friends about all the fun I am having and then they want to do this stuff!  Isn’t this crazy!

Today as I was basking in the glow of my recent Discovery Flight with Taking Flight, I ran into another really fun activity.  I checked my email this morning and right before my eyes was an offer by Living Social, an Internet special deal program for another package from Front Range Climbing Co.  This was the same kind of deal I did last Sept. when my cousin Sara and I went rock climbing in Garden of the Gods Park!

  I jumped into action, called Sara to see if she was interested in another great rock climbing excursion and she was as excited as I was. I did a bit more research and called her back to confirm our options and we signed up.  This time we got the deal through Living Social and got a 4 hour guided rock climbing adventure with all the gear for $55!  This is a $180 value and I can tell you from first hand experience it was a ton of fun.  Now that we have our vouchers we are already day dreaming about our climb this spring.

The coolest part is that while I was talking to the owner of the company he shared with me another climbing adventure that I just have to add to my bucket list.  He told me about ice climbing this is where you are actually climbing up a frozen waterfall in the Rocky Mountains.  How cool does that sound?  I immediately perked up and started firing off questions for him.  “How hard is it?” I asked.  Next, I confessed that I have done this climbing thing exactly once, I am in decent but not awesome shape and I am 46 years old.  (I do feel the need to be honest about these things!)  He laughed and said that ice climbing was actually physically easier than regular rock climbing, but it was more mentally challenging because of the cold.  That actually sounded good to me.  The idea that I could go ice climbing felt to me like a really far out example of extreme sports and if it was actually easier than the rock climbing I had already done I was pretty sure I could suck it up enough to do it.

Now that I got myself all worked up about this I flew into action and sent out an email to a handful of my girlfriends who have been following my escapades and have been reading my blog and encouraging me to keep risking my neck for the sake of my bucket list.  I decided it was time to daft a few innocent suspects and get them into the game.  I invited them all to purchase the Living Social deal with me and suggested we’d all go as a group this spring.  It will be interesting now to see who is willing to join me versus who is “all show and no go” so to speak.  Come on girls!  Let’s get going!

So my friend, I ask you “what’s next on your list?”

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  1. Cathie Genung says:

    This is awesome! What ambition you have. Love the details and the enthusiasm. BUT, how could you possibly be 46? I know, I know-just doesn’t seem possible. I’ll share this blog with my daughter. She’ll love it, too. “Mrs. G.”