What’s Next On Your List?

>This has been quite the year. No wonder I am tired as I face the end of 2011 and reflect on what I hope 2012 will soon be.

In the time span of the past 12 months, I have jumped out of a plane multiple times, flown in a hot air balloon, climbed a frozen waterfall, said my final farewell to my mother as she went to her heavenly home, learned to love rock climbing, seen my daughter graduate from college, become the family bread winner, gone to work for a church, learned to make fantastic clam chowder, gone zip lining, been heartbroken, realized the extent of my family’s love and support, helped start a new business, encouraged my sister to get out of her comfort zone a couple off times, made new lifelong connections, created a successful blog, shared my life stories with the world, been in the middle of a pod of a 1000 dolphins, stuck to my guns over the most difficult challenge of my life, flown a plane over the foothills, connected with family, and realized I am capable of far more than I ever gave myself credit for. I am not sure about how you feel about all that, but in my book that was a pretty profound 365 days.

In many ways I have been challenged this past year. Professionally, I made a major career change and under some difficult circumstances have worked hard to make a difference in my work world. At times this has been a rewarding and delightful journey, at other times this has been exhausting and overwhelming. There is so much to do and so few resources to do it with. However, I have seen the power of the Holy Spirit first hand, and have renewed my sense of faith. I have seen firsthand what God can do. It is amazing.

Nothing to push off of


Hands of Strength

Relationships in my world have been seriously tested the past 12 months. I have had to say good by to loved ones, let go of young adult children, reconnected with extended family over unexpected circumstances, and had to see things in loved ones that are not easy to see. This process has left me feeling a roller coaster of emotions at times despair and at others a deep and abiding joy. Knowing that your relationships, if you choose, can stand the test of time is very empowering. Knowing you can make decisions about who gets to be in your life is even more profound.

Financially life has changed, my husband, the long time breadwinner in our family found himself without a salary for the first time in his professional life. I returned to work in a fulltime demanding new career and in essence we totally switched roles. Using this as an opportunity to grow as partners, we chose to use this career shift to invest in our own business for the first time. We opened our new business, Max Muscle of Colorado Springs this week. How exciting and what a leap of faith!

So what are my dreams for 2012?

How about a few of the following:

I think it would be cool to win an award for my blog
Go to Hawaii
Celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary
Get published
Go on a snowshoeing adventure
Ride a camel
Mush a dogsled
Learn to make gravy
Match my salary online
Learn to surf
See a whale up close
Swim with dolphins
Ride a helicopter
Learn to kayak
Do a rafting adventure down the Royal Gorge
Have over 5000 readers this year
Ride an elephant
Do a Susan Komen 3-day walk
Raise 3000 for charity
Go snow tubing
Ride the bull
Visit a Comedy Works
Drive a snowmobile through the mountains
Learn to play the bagpipes
Learn to sail
Go snorkeling
Take a belly dancing class
Heal my past
Learn to make chicken and dumplings
Do a wine tour of Colorado
Ice climb The Fang
Learn to make prime rib
Take a mountain biking class
Go gliding
Do improv

It is an absolute fact that a year ago I could not have imagined or predicted what the next 365 days would bring. While the past year has been filled with love, joy, empowerment and excitement, it has also produced more than a few tears and forced me to dig deeper than ever before to prove to myself I am capable of anything.

I wonder what the next 365 days will bring. I think it is good to dream. This reminds me of my favorite saying of all time. “What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?”

It is going to be an amazing year. I am willing to try, how about you? So I ask you my friend, “what’s next on your list?”

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